Saturday, May 30, 2009

Posted by syu bubu at 6:01 PM
find someone :
who calls ME beatiful instead of hot
who calls ME back when I hang up on him
who will stay awake just to watch I sleep
who wants to show ME off to the world
when I are in MY sweats
who hold MY hand in front of his friends
wait for the one who is constantly reminding ME
of how luck he is to have ME
who turns to his friends and says THAT'S HER
find a guy who kisses ME just
before the traffic light turns green
who closes his eyes before he hugs ME
for a guy who smell MY hair
every time he gets
who'll wipe MY sweat with his hankie
find a guy who'll sing MY favorite song
even through he can't carry a tune
find someone who lets ME rest over his shoulder
who lets ME sleep on his lap and will give ME
the first and last bite of his burger
who will squeeze MY hand tighter
when I squeeze his
find a guy who occupies MY dream
and if I've found him,


zara said...

ermmm..dear syue....
smoga kmu jupe that guy..ok???


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